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每日搜索論壇回顧:2019年8月7日 - SEO-軍火庫



Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Google” search algorithm tweaked to show less porn for lesbian teen other queries>
Google has apparently updated its search algorithm to show less pornographic content and search results for queries around lesbian, teen, school girl, and other related queries. Pandu Nayak from Google told The Next Web “We have taken measures in cases where, when there is a reason for the word to be interpreted in a non-pornographic way, that interpretation is put forward.”

  • Google just announced that most of the testing tools now support the new evergreen GoogleBot. We have been waiting for this for a couple months since Google launched the evergreen GoogleBot for crawling and indexing and now the tools support it as well.
  • Google has dropped the magnifying glass in the search bar and substituted it for a text based search button. We saw Google testing this out a couple months ago and it now seems to be almost fully live.
  • Google is now sending some Google Search Console profiles a monthly performance report via email. The email shares the clicks, impressions and pages with first impressions for your site. It also dives into more details like your best content pages, and a lot more.
  • Take” the new search ranking factors survey>
    As some of you may have heard in my interview with Rand Fishkin, he was planning on relaunching the search ranking factors survey. Well, he did it and you can participate in the survey over here.
  • Google has launched a redesign to the Google Image Search preview image box. Google has gone with the sticky interface, where the image preview box sticks to the right side and you can independently scroll through other images or the image preview box.
  • Google launched three new features or changes to Google My Business including messaging insights, a site manager sign-up link on a business profile and changes to status names.
  • Google and took a photo with Peter The Greeter. You can see, she is all decked out in the 80’s look.
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