Danny Sullivan在加入谷歌之後表示他是同一個Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan在加入谷歌之後表示他是同一個Danny Sullivan


This is a topic I’d likely be very biased about but I decided to cover it because if it was another Googler talking about the same thing, I’d probably cover that as well. In short, Danny Sullivan who is now at Google, is defending his reputation to the SEO community after joining Google again.

And by again, I mean again, because he said a while back linking” to seos content for eat resources>, and a limited number of SEOs saying this is “unethical.”

In short, a few SEOs feel it is unethical for Google to link to SEOs content because it might come across as Google vouching for the SEO or the agency a form of certification from Google. Google said no, it is just Google vouching for the specific article that SEO wrote. In any event, Google added a disclaimer to the link saying “Note: Links to the articles above are not endorsements of any particular SEO companies or services. We simply found the articles themselves to be helpful content on this topic.”

But some SEOs called out Danny as a different individual now that he joined Google. Here are those tweets:

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