For about have” seen> Google testing letting searchers ask questions directly in the search results. But we had no idea what was going on exactly – that is until now. Google said it collects unanswered user questions using a variety of different methods. These unanswered user questions are straight from users, so you may occasionally see misspellings or questions in which the user’s intent is unclear. Google said it will continue to explore other ways to find and surface the best unanswered questions from users so Google can then share them with creators.

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Google wrote “After several months of testing with journalists and bloggers, we are launching a beta version today so we can continue to grow the product in collaboration with a broader group of publishers. Question Hub is now available in India, Indonesia, and Nigeria, in English, Hindi and Bahasa Indonesia, and we plan to introduce it in other countries and languages in the future.”

This works within Google Search Console for this beta period. Google said “To access Question Hub, publishers need to link their account to verified properties in Search Console. For publishers without a Search Console account, other options are available. Once they’ve created an account, they can explore topics relevant to their work by either searching for keywords or browsing categories (e.g. Beauty & Fitness). Once a topic is added, they can view unanswered questions asked by real people.”

Here is a screen shot:

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