Morningstar在The Stackies中分享他們的營銷堆棧

Morningstar在The Stackies中分享他們的營銷堆棧


Morningstar Marketing Tech Stack

I love The” stackies> are the real deal. They incorporate solutions from multiple vendors. They feature a wide variety of specialized tools. They have pilot programs and platform migrations in flight — this recent entry to Morningstar,” an investment research company offering mutual fund etf and stock analysis ratings data portfolio tools.>

I really like the flow they’ve captured across different categories, from internal Morningstar analytics to customer-facing digital experiences, and from marketing-led activities to sales enablement and customer relationship management.

I’m so grateful for every company who shares their marketing stack like this. It’s an incredible source of learning for the martech community. But I especially appreciate stacks from firms like Morningstar that aren’t tech companies themselves, as they demonstrate that this is not a “tech” thing. It’s a marketing thing.

Thank you for sharing!

The MarTech Stackies 2017

While MarTech” conference in san jose april addition to stackies>, you’ll have a chance to learn from dozens of real-world educational sessions, to meet nearly 100 innovative marketing technology vendors, and to network with 2,000 of your peers.

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