Tisk Tisk Google廣告:停止致電我們的客戶並拒絕我們的請求

Tisk Tisk Google廣告:停止致電我們的客戶並拒絕我們的請求


Gil Gildner from Discosloth, an SEM agency, posted a screen shot of Google emailing his client directly, denying the request to remove ad automation that his agency thought was hurting his clients budget and campaign goals.

Here is the email screen shot from Gil as he posted on

Twitter” situation. a good agency is huge proponent for and calling them out negatively to the client because they determined strategically avoid using specific automation needs cease desist at once.>

Think about it – this is just not right and Google should not be doing this. Maybe Google thought this company didn’t have an agency? But still, to deny the request to remove Google Ads automation? Really?

We have seen Google try to Twitter” to kirk post pretty funny and upsetting at the same time.>

Forum discussion at

Thanks for the post, Barry. It’s been a common thing we’ve seen over the past few months. I did get a good response from Google saying that they were embarrassed about the email and it wasn’t what they expected from their reps.

— Gil Gildner (@gilgildner)

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