Daily Search Forum Recap: August 20, 2019


Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Google:” sites rank well for a short period of time>
Google‘s John Mueller said it is normal for a site to rank well for a short period of time for a specific query. He said on Twitter “It can happen that a site ranks or a short period of time for a query.” It can happen a lot.

  • Google‘s John Mueller again is saying that putting dates on content and articles is a good thing for the quality of a piece of content on the web. John said on Twitter the other day “Better for me is to know what the date was, that makes it easier to recognize high-quality evergreen content.”
  • Google‘s John Mueller was asked how should a web site document that its medical and health content was reviewed by a doctor or expert on the topic. John said you can use text, link to the doctor’s profile and add other elements to the page to communicate this.
  • Google Sandbox” which originated back in 2004 or so, is still around today. So much so that Google year after year has to say there is no Google Sandbox. In short, back in 2004, SEOs noticed that new sites took a while to start to rank well – thus we called it the Google Sandbox, because you had to wait your time to rank well.
  • Google Ads announced that they are doing away with accelerated delivery starting on September 17, 2019. Google said “Starting September 17, 2019, Standard delivery will be the only ad delivery method for Search campaigns, Shopping campaigns, and shared budgets. Accelerated delivery will no longer be available.”