Google AMP Cache Pages獲取新的共享圖標

Google AMP Cache Pages獲取新的共享圖標


Google AMP

Andy Sternberg noticed that when you go to a Google AMP cache page, where it shows the cache URL and not your native URL, the share icon has changed. It is now showing the native sharing icon, as opposed to a drop down that shows you the site’s URL.

Andy posted this on Google shows this chain link icon that when you clicked on it revealed the site’s real URL and you can copy and paste that URL or click on it to see the site on that domain. Here is the screen shot from

Now, Google just shows the site’s real URL and a share icon on the right. When you click it, it gives you the native sharing features and will by default share the site’s real URL, not the Google AMP cache URL:

I am not sure when this changed, I do not follow these AMP pages too closely.

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