Martech Is Marketing: A Spectrum

“Martech is marketing.”

The MarTech conference recently updated its tagline to that phrase, evolving beyond our original motto, “marketing” technology> has grown from around 1,000 vendors to over 7,000. But that’s more of an expression of the industry’s transformation than the cause.

Marketing technologists have become budgets” and responsibilities>, managing ever more sophisticated Patterns” of marketing technology operations leadership> have emerged.

This is closer to the real change that marketing has undergone.

It was only a few years ago that Ad Age, arguably the flagship publication of the marketing world, declared singularity. Maybe sooner. There are examples of marketing activities today, especially in local optimization, where algorithms tend to outperform more manual methods. But overall, marketing still seems best suited to harness martech, not the other way around.

Where is your company at along this continuum?

P.S. Because martech is marketing — wherever you believe it sits along that spectrum — you should seriously consider attending the next MarTech conference in Boston, September 16-18. Here’s

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